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    Home Staging Tips for a Spring Sale Realtor Featured Image

    7 Home Staging Tips for a Spring Sale

    Topics: selling your home
    Posted on April 20, 2018 by Kirsten Warwick

    So, you want to sell your current home. More than that, you want to sell your current home fast and for top dollar – but how?

    Spring is one of the most popular times to sell a home, so it’s important to stage your home so it looks better than the competition. You don’t need to purchase new furniture or take on an expensive remodelling project to get this done. With a few simple changes, your home will shine.

    Deep Clean the Floors

    With the windows closed throughout the winter, dust builds up in the home. Even with regular vacuuming and mopping, your floors won’t be looking their best. It’s time to give those floors a deep cleaning. You can usually rent carpet cleaning machines for a reasonable price, but you might want to consider hiring professionals. They’ll have stronger equipment and will specially treat any stains.

    Home Staging Tips for a Spring Sale Room ImageClear Out Your Clutter

    Perhaps the most important thing you can do to stage your home is to get the clutter out of the house. Start with the closet. A closet that’s packed full of clothes will look small and cramped. Take out clothes you don’t wear often and any out-of-season clothes. You’ll end up with a closet that looks much bigger. You’ll also want to pack away some of the kids’ toys and personal items like photographs. Many people put some of their furniture in storage because the rooms look bigger with fewer pieces.

    Regularly, make sure you’re cleaning up little things like the mail, papers from school, and other things you might leave around the house. These are simple cleaning habits you can do every day. You never know when a potential buyer will schedule a tour, and you want the home to be ready at a moment’s notice.

    Open the Windows

    It’s a simple thing to do, but opening up the windows will give the home a naturally fresh scent and an airy feel. Spring weather can be fickle, though, and it might not be warm enough to keep the windows open while people are looking at the house. You don't want the home to feel cold. Instead, open windows up for a few hours before you expect potential buyers to walk through, then close them to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. The fresh feeling will last.

    Hire a Landscaper

    Buyers who like the exterior look of your home will be excited to see what’s inside, so it’s important to set a good first impression, such as with a lush landscape. You could plant flowers on your own, but the results of a professional landscaper can increase the wow factor. They’ll make crisp lines and encourage visual interest by varying the height and colour of the plants. You don’t even need to hire someone to work on the yard on a continuous basis. Spending just a few hundred dollars on landscaping for the front of the home can increase the value of your property and result in a quick sale.

    Bring Flowers Inside

    Fresh flowers give your home a happy feel, and they can make the place smell nice without the chemicals of other air fresheners. Consider putting some in a few unexpected places. For instance, people won’t be surprised to see an arrangement on your mantlepiece or the dining room table, but a small bouquet in the bathroom can leave a lasting impression. You might want to consider houseplants you (probably) won't kill so you don't have to worry so much about the maintenance of them. ;)

    7 Home Staging Tips for a Spring Sale Women ImageLet the Light Shine In

    In the winter, darker colours can make your home feel cozy, but once spring comes, you want the place to feel light. You want buyers to see how bright your home can be with natural light, so pull back the curtains to let the light come in. If your current curtain style is dark and heavy, consider purchasing some new ones that better allow the light to pass.

    Swap Out Some Accessories

    Look at the accessories in your home – things like the fruit bowl, throw pillows, and art on the walls. Do they feel like spring? Spring colours are often pastels. Decorating in these colours can make your home feel more spacious. If you have accents in darker colours, make some changes. Accessories are generally inexpensive but can make your home feel more comfortable. You may like the new touches so much that you keep them in your new place.

    If you do want to take things a step further and make some upgrades, make sure you're spending your upgrade dollars in the right areas of your home. Spending money on upgrades that don't change the value of your home is among other common mistakes homeowners make when selling their home. Little touches are one thing, but for bigger changes, you want to be well-informed about the impact it'll have.

    It’s hard to make your home stand out when there’s a lot of competition. Taking the time to stage your home in the most appealing way can help you sell your home quickly in a buyers’ market. By spending a small amount of money to create the right look for your home, you’ll have an easier time selling the home.

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