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    Your Guide to a Lush Landscape Garden image

    Your Guide to a Lush Landscape

    Topics: home maintenance
    Posted on April 11, 2017 by Kyle Temple

    Having lush landscaping can make all the difference in the way your property looks. You have the ability to make your property look exactly how you have always imagined. Just like design in your home, landscaping requires both a realistic and creative balance. Let's explore some of the ways you can have the yard you've always desired this season. 

    1. Know your City's Bylaws

    Edmonton Works With You

    While it's easy to get excited about all of the many landscaping possibilities, it's first important to remember there are regulations to adhere to. When creating your landscaping plans, it's a good idea to verify Edmonton's landscaping bylaws. This will make it easy for you to create a beautiful landscape within the city's guidelines without stress, knowing you'll have a green thumbs up on your plans!  

    Your Guide to a Lush Landscape Planting image2. Consider The Elements

    Light the Way to Healthy Plants

    Next, think about the various landscaping design elements when planning the landscape outside your home. One of the most important components is lighting. This doesn’t only mean where the natural light hits. It also means whether you would like to add life to your yard with an artificial lighting system. 

    You're going to want to find out what amount of light your favourite plants need. Also, it's always a good idea to consider your environment and what will flourish there. Some examples of popular plants for Alberta are Lilacs, Hydrangeas, and any variety of currents. 

    3. Set a Realistic Budget

    Conserve Your Green

    Setting a budget [  ] can really help you in the planning phase. You'll want to decide what type of landscaping you want, not only where to put each plant. Landscaping is an investment that contributes to how you and others view your home and add to the overall value of your home. Do your research to find out what exactly you need to make your property look how you've always dreamed. Creating a list of needs and wants can help you stay within a reasonable budget. 

    5. Lawn Care

    Getting the Greenest Grass

    Utilizing your lawn care skills has many benefits. It doesn’t require a lot of work but has a large payoff. Having a healthy lawn can prevent water damage to your property, and your lawn will act as a natural air filter around your home. Of course, having a luscious lawn can add an excellent accent to all the landscaping you’ve worked so hard to plan.

    Your Guide to a Lush Landscape Clippers image4. Privacy and Curb Appeal

    Curb the Gaze

    Consider the style and look of the exterior of your home when choosing the way you landscape. Now is the time to consider the privacy level you would like. This may include fencing, or even using plants to create privacy! An example of this is a shrub fence or taller plants strategically placed. Then for the fun stuff, pick out flowers that can complement your home's exterior. You can turn to a colour wheel to imagine the palette you'd like to see bloom. 

    6. Revamp the Old 

    Make Old Landscaping New

    For those who aren't familiar with the ease of perennials, these budget-friendly flowers return year after year. This means you can plan each year around what you have already planted last season. There are also several inexpensive landscaping DIY projects on how to work with what you already have to turn your landscaping from old to new. 

    7. Keep it Simple

    Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

    Simplicity can be both, gorgeous and extravagant if executed well. Plus, generally speaking, keeping landscaping simple can be helpful to your budget. Also, if you're doing some of the landscaping yourself, it makes it that much easier. Applying an open concept to your landscaping style can be as nice as it is in your home. 

    Following these guidelines can help you plan a landscaping project that will create a charming balance between your home and the outdoors. Remember to have fun with it! Next spring, you'll have the opportunity to change up what you previously had. So make bold choices, and create the outdoor space you’ve always aspired to have. 

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    Photo credits: gardenclippersplanting
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