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    4 Reasons Why You Should Build Early in a New Community

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    Posted on August 30, 2016 by Kirsten Warwick

    Moving into a new community is a great opportunity for new homeowners to build a home that fits their personal tastes, is functional to their needs, and is located in a neighbourhood that fits their lifestyle. That being said, building early in a new community can be a little daunting when the entire look and feel of the neighbourhood hasn't yet been totally realized.

    However, as you’ll discover, there are several beneficial reasons for moving into a new community in the early stages of its development.

    Lots of Lots

    Let’s start with the most obvious benefit - if you are one of the first home buyers into a community, you will have the widest selection of lots to choose from. Would you like your home to back out onto a park, playground or green space? Would you like a pie-shaped lot that will maximize the size of your home as well as your backyard? There are many lot options available to you in every Qualico community.

    Anything is possible when you're among the first to choose where to live within the development. If you want to move in after a neighbourhood is considered by many to be a hot new location, you may have to settle for a lot that would not have been your first choice.

    reason-build-early-new-community-blueprint.pngFirst Pick of Home Elevation & Colours

    When a land developer builds a new community, architectural controls are put in place so every home doesn’t look like a cookie-cutter replica of the one beside it. This means the colours you can choose from for the exterior of your home are largely determined by the homes that surround yours.

    For example, if you’ve always dreamed of owning a red home with white shutters, but the home beside you already has those features, you’re out of luck. If you’d like your home to be of a particular model, but it’s the same one as your neighbour, you’ll either need to make modifications to the style or choose a different model altogether.

    By moving into a community early, not only will you have a wide selection of lots to choose from, you’re far less likely to encounter a situation where your choices are limited by another home nearby. Let that be someone else’s problem - move in early if you are committed to getting exactly what you want in your new home.

    More Value for Your Money

    Any time you purchase a home, the price you pay reflects not only on the home itself but on what surrounds it. It is for this reason that buying early in a new community can be a valuable financial investment that will pay off in the years ahead.

    If you are among the first to purchase in a new community, things may appear a little sparse; few homes have been built yet, amenities such as parks, playgrounds or nearby stores haven’t be constructed yet. However, as the community grows and more great amenities start popping up nearby, your home is going to increase in value.

    Not only does this benefit you when you purchase the home, but when it becomes a huge perk when the time comes to sell. If you wait until community features and amenities spring up around you, you will be able to get a healthy return on your investment.

    Be the First

    There is something to be said for having access to the new features and amenities a brand new community has to offer. Whether it’s a newly constructed playground for your kids to explore, a freshly paved trail to rollerblade on, or a nearby shop that just opened, you will be among the first to enjoy it.

    If choosing a particular lot is important to you, or you don’t want settle for certain exterior home colours, finishes or elevations, then moving into a new community early will be a great option. Right now builders are selling lots in the inaugural phases of Crimson in Creekwood and South Ravines. Discover these communities now and learn all the options available to you!

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