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    Interior Design What’s in And What’s Out For 2018 Living Room Featured Image

    Interior Design: What’s in And What’s Out For 2018

    Topics: interior design & decor, tips & tricks
    Posted on December 26, 2017 by Kirsten Warwick

    Following our popular article from last year, we're here to give you a fresh update on all the hottest trends in interior design for 2018. 

    Whether you're looking to decorate a brand new home or just want a fresh look for your existing one, we've assembled a list of the latest developments in interior design.

    Interior Design What’s in And What’s Out For 2018 Kitchen ImageIN: Soft Colours

    As awareness about the planet and its fragility has been on the rise, so too have interior design trends moved towards warm, gentle colour tones such as browns, greys, and neutrals. The trend for 2018 is also moving towards cozier, rustic decoration styles that emphasize a harmony with nature and the community and away from showy, egotistical designs.

    The top colours for 2018 include all variants of white, grey, purple and (red) wine, green, and terra cotta. 

    OUT: Bold Colours

    Bright splashes of primary colour, especially for room walls, is on its way out. Instead of focusing on the home being a showcase to one's individuality and status, the trends are moving towards making homes feel warm, soft, and welcoming. 

    IN: Coziness

    Whereas once the hot trend was to open up spaces by combining rooms or raising ceilings to new heights, the current trend is towards coziness, intimacy, and warmth. Lightweight room dividers, nooks, and corners are now popular, allowing homeowners to enjoy peaceful moments in a stylish setting. 

    There's also a growing tendency towards using decorative elements to divide rooms into activity areas dedicated to one particular function. An increase in ideas for what to do with an empty corner space [ link to QCYEG - Nov 28 - What to Do With an Empty Corner Space ] allow you to take full advantage of this new trend. 

    OUT: Millennial Pink

    One of the hottest trends of 2017, millennial pink and other powdery, dusty, and rose pinks combined with gold, grey, coral, and whites, are on their way out. Instead, designers recommend sticking to pale pink for textiles or accessories rather than large pieces of furniture or tiling.

    IN: Brass

    While copper saw its heyday peak in 2015-2016, the new trend for metallics is now brass. With a less glamorous shine and appearing less ostentatious, the majestic brass is now considered the front-runner when it comes to metallics in home décor. 

    Brass drawer pulls, decorative objects, light fixtures, trays, coat hooks, mantle objects, candlesticks, vintage bar-ware and serve-ware, bookends, sconces, and furniture such as coffee tables, chairs, and beds now add just the right touch of class without looking too showy or splashy.

    OUT: Modernist Clean Lines

    Whereas once clean lines, smooth surfaces, and sharp contrasts between colour elements were considered the epitome of a modern home, the new trend is towards a less stark form of interior décor. Out are big, showy black and white art objects, open rooms with sparse furnishings, and modern art on walls.

    IN: Wabi Sabi

    This term refers to the ancient Japanese term that celebrates beauty in imperfection. In contrast to modern, sharp lines, Wabi Sabi celebrates how surfaces and objects become individualized with time, revealing cracks, texture, weathering, oxidization, and other small imperfections. 

    Antique items that haven't been restored, upcycled furniture, and organic furniture styles such as bamboo and wicker all embody the new Wabi Sabi trend. Popular textures for incorporating the Wabi Sabi feel include ceramics, wood, and stone.

    Different than "shabby chic," Wabi Sabi places an emphasis on how decorative elements weather and age with time, thus increasing our emotional attachment to them. Whether it's vintage items like over-sized glass bottles, weathered sea trunks, or antique technology like record players and hand-powered sewing machines, Wabi Sabi celebrates every item for its unique personality and history.

    OUT: Blonde Woods and Scandinavian Style

    Whereas once "Scandi" style and bright, cheerful light woods were popular, these are now being phased out for a more relaxed and comforting feel in homes. 

    Blonde woods and simple "Scandi" style furniture remain popular for offices and public spaces, but home interior trends are phasing this style out as it is perceived as being too energetic and clichéd. 

    IN: Dark Woods

    Whether it's naturally dark woods like walnut and rosewood or wood that has been marbled or charred to present a black or deep brown look are the new trend. 

    Dark woods make interior spaces feel more cozy and intimate, adding a historical authenticity that is now highly valued, as opposed to earlier trends of displaying the latest, most modern looks with furniture, home theatre setups, and bright tactical lighting. Dark woods are a must-include in a home design recipe for a rustic look [ link to QCYEG - Nov 7 - Home Design Recipe for a Rustic Look ].

    OUT: Tribal Patterns

    Zebra skin, cowhide, bearskin rugs, leopard, tiger, and tribal patterns are now considered outdated and too over the top. Mixing these textural elements with white, black, and caramel is now seen as too much like a hunting lodge from British colonial days (and even possibly offensive.)

    Likewise, large statuary of animals, especially African large game, are out. And faux or authentic animal skulls or stuffed animal heads on the wall are strictly passé. 

    IN: Royal Colours

    Influenced by the Vienna salons at the end of the 19th century, the new hot trend for living rooms and other big interior spaces is a combination of royal blue, Bordeaux red, pine green, and mustard yellow with matte black accents. 

    Plush, velour textures and luxurious window treatments are now favoured over tan, caramel, or lighter coloured window treatments, tribal and animal patterns, or blonde woods. The royal colour combinations also pair excellently with brass fixtures, decorative elements, objects d'art, and furniture, and can give your design an upscale look

    Whether you're interested in staying ahead of the latest trends or just want some inspiration for your next update, it's always good to stay ahead of the hottest developments in interior decor. Of course, you should always choose the right decorative style that suits your own personality, taste, and desires.

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